Secure. Reliable. Efficient. SSL Protection.

PKIChain is a decentralized PKI solution for you. Secure your domain or organization with our highly efficient security solution with no downtime and less hassle.

Simple Steps To Follow

1. Create an Account

Get yourself registered with us

2. Entity Validation

Validate and verify the ownership of your domain or organization.

3. Secured with Blockchain

We will create and secure your SSL Certificate using leading Blockchain solutions.

4. Get the Certificate

Fetch the certificate, install it, and enjoy the hassle free SSL protection.

PKIChain Solutions

Domain Validation for CAs
$1 /domain

PKIChain offers blockchain-based domain validation services to the Certificate Authorities. CA’s can offer PKIChain’s Blockchain seal to its customers. 

Basic DV SSL Certificate
$10 /year

This domain validated SSL/TLS certificate is perfect for the Ecommerce and general business websites. This also comes publically verifiable PKIChain’s Blockchain seal.

Customized Decentralized PKI Solution

We also offer custom decentralized PKI solutions to enterprise clients for their custom needs.

Decentralized PKI

We have reimagined the Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) with blockchain technology. Our solution removes the single point of failure involved with the existing PKI to provide a more robust and secure solution, yet it is compatible with every standard.

Reimagined by the researchers, developed by the experts.

Validation Types

We support a number of validation types.
  • Domain Validation Certificates
  • Timestamping Validation Certificates

We are driven by values and a higher purpose

Making information communication secure that no powerful authority can decipher or abuse.  We believe that no one shall be subjected to arbitrary interference with his/her/their privacy or correspondence.

PKIChain is not just a product but a vision to modernize PKI.

Let’s work together to secure your entity. Be it a domain or an organization.